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When the seniors walk out of your ministry and head towards college, will they take their faith along with them? What helps a student stick with their faith after they’ve left the youth group? Here you’ll find compelling research and practical ideas you can use today to help your students develop a faith that sticks.

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FYI is looking for churches to join the Sticky Faith Cohort, a dynamic learning group of 10-15 innovative churches committed to take the research and apply it to their settings to offer more transformative youth and family ministry.

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Top Resources for Youth Leaders

Soul-Care Sweat
Finding God in Movement

Milestones of Faith
Creating rhythms through rites of passage

Fixed Hour Prayer
Setting our day to the rhythm of prayer

Strings Attached: Video Discussion Guide
Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum

Sacred Pathways Toward Sticky Faith
Helping Teenagers Meet God Every Day

Notice Video Discussion Guide
Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum

Sticky Faith Cliff Notes 15-Minute Podcast

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Don’t Send Them Off to College Without Leads

A Sticky Faith Web

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