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Sticky Faith Cliff Notes 15-Minute Podcast


Authors Kara Powell and Brad Griffin share a 15-minute glimpse into the research and core findings of the Sticky Faith movement. 

Sticky Faith Cliff Notes 5-Minute Podcast


Authors Kara Powell and Brad Griffin share a 5-minute glimpse into the research and core findings of the Sticky Faith movement.

Better Communication with Your Kids


An Interview with Terry and Sharon Hargrave

Kara Powell interviews Terry and Sharon Hargrave on improving parent-child communication during adolescence.  Both therapists and authors, Terry teaches in Fuller’s Marriage and Family Therapy program and Sharon is the Executive Director of a ministry called Strong Marriages/Successful Ministries. They speak nationally, and together they have raised two children through adolescence.

Soul Searching Panel


In March 2008 Fuller hosted Christian Smith, author of Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers, for a panel discussion following a screening of the new film documenting his research. Also called Soul Searching, the film screening led into a discussion with responses by Dr. Chap Clark and Dr. Kara Powell from Fuller, as well as Smith. This podcast features highlights from the responses of Clark, Powell, and Smith to the film and the research from the National Study of Youth and Religion.

Derek Melleby Interview


Kara Powell interviews Derek Melleby, head of the College Transition Initiative at the Center for Parent-Youth Understanding, about internalization of faith and other issues related to our College Transition Project research. Read the accompanying article, "Youth Group Kids Gone Wild."

Chuck Bomar Interview


Kara Powell interviews Chuck Bomar on the “Moratorium” stage of identity development.  Please also read the accompanying article, ‘Riding With Students Through the Highs and Lows of Teenage Faith Development’ by Meredith Miller.

Tony Jones Interview


Kara Powell interviews Tony Jones, popular author and speaker, theologian-in-residence at Solomon's Porch in Minneapolis, and an adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary.  Tony and Kara discuss insights related to research on the college transition, specifically the “identity lockbox” theory discussed in the article entitled The Lockbox Theory: Surprising Implications for Your Students, by Meredith Miller.

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