Launch Into Your Next 180 Days of Sticky Faith


The Sticky Faith Launch Kit will change not only your ministry, but also your entire approach to leadership.

The explosive growth of the Sticky Faith movement marks the dawning of a new era in ministry with young people. An increasing number of youth leaders, pastors, and parents are embracing Sticky Faith principles and practices as a response to the mass exodus of teenagers and young adults from the church.

But Sticky Faith is not a “quick fix” solution. Through our intensive work with churches nationwide, the FYI team has developed a proven process to help you lead change in your ministry.

We’re sharing all of this with you in the Sticky Faith Launch Kit. Much more than a book, this field guide puts tools in your hands for the next 180 days with four key groups: your core team, volunteers, parents, and the entire church.


What's in the Launch Kit?


The Launch Kit features:

  • Over 20 videos to use with your ministry team, parents, and church
  • Six months of volunteer training
  • Over six months of email templates to use with parents
  • Seminar outlines and media for parents and your church
  • A step-by-step guide for creating a Launch Team and cultivating a culture of change
  • A customized template to create your church's own Breakthrough Plan
  • Assessment tools, including online assessments
  • Tips for getting senior leadership on board
  • Access to an insider online community to share ideas and ask questions
  • All wrapped in a tested and proven process to implement Sticky Faith in your church!

Plus a special discount code you can use to save up to 50% on other Sticky Faith resources for leaders, parents, and students. 


Purchase Your Own Sticky Faith Launch Kit


The entire Sticky Faith Launch Kit with complete access to online resources and community is only


For more information or to place bulk discount orders, contact Brian Nelson at or 626-584-5546.

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