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Through the year-long cohort process your church will receive:

-    One year of personalized coaching for your ministry team
-    A breakthrough plan that will refocus your team’s needs and move toward Sticky Faith (see below)
-    Monthly researched-based webinars with FYI and other leading ministry voices
-    Two three-day gatherings in Pasadena, CA, focused on executing changed relevant to your church

You’ll get firsthand access to groundbreaking research conducted by the Fuller Youth Institute and other research partners. 

This includes research highlighted in Sticky Faith and Sticky Faith:Youth Worker Edition, as well as Chap Clark’s Hurt 2.0. Further, you will have access to leading Fuller faculty, including Dr. Kara Powell, Dr. Chap Clark, Dr. Scott Cormode, and Dr. Tommy Givens.


You’ll gain new ministry paradigms based on research insights, as well as ways to modify existing ministry programs to increase transformation and help:

  1. Empower parents in their own kids’ faith development

  2. Involve the entire church in intergenerational ministry to teenagers

  3. Foster students’ faith identity development

  4. Move beyond “the gospel of sin management” to the Biblical gospel

  5. Structure the youth group environment to facilitate growth

  6. Facilitate change in the youth ministry and church

Under the coaching of FYI, your church will develop a Breakthrough Plan that will enable you to increase your ministry effectiveness. 

FYI will provide the template for this plan. The extent to which the plan is completed and enacted during the cohort year is dependent on the church team and congregation. The FYI team will offer personalized consulting by phone following the submission of the plan in May 2016. This Breakthrough Plan is designed to be highly-customizable to your specific church context; FYI does not anticipate that every church will fit into the same “Sticky Faith mold,” but rather that particular aspects of the research and implications will take root more intensely in particular church contexts.

Your church will be connected to other leading churches and youth ministries who will be sharpened not only by FYI, but also by each other.

Churches often note this as one of the highly-valuable aspects of the process. You will also hear from leaders who have participated in previous cohorts as they return to share insights from their Sticky Faith journeys.

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