What is the Sticky Faith Cohort?

Through our Sticky Faith research we have learned that 40-50% of youth group graduates—like those at your church— walk away from faith and the church after high school. As a result of six years of research, we launched a national movement to change these statistics.

Repeatedly, FYI has been told by parents, local youth pastors, denominational representatives, and national youth ministry leaders that this research has the potential to re-shape local ministries as well as the field of youth ministry nationally. 

In response, FYI has created the Sticky Faith Cohort, a dynamic learning group process of innovative churches committed to take the research and apply it to their settings to offer more transformative youth and family ministry.  For one year we partner with churches across the country hosting monthly webinars and meeting for two in-person Summits that help build a foundational structure for implementing Sticky Faith and shifting church culture.

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