What Does Car Repair Have to Do With Sticky Faith?

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Today’s guest blogger is Dr. Lars Rood, a Fuller grad and the Associate Pastor of Children and Families at Bellevue Presbyterian Church in Bellevue, WA. His church is part of the 2012 Sticky Faith Cohort. Lars blogs at http://larsrood.com/

Sometimes I'm surprised at how some Sticky Faith activities are going on around me that I didn't have any part in starting.   

Several years ago my church developed a new ministry to provide vehicles and repair work to people who were in need.  These "Auto Angels" are generally retired men who have a history in fixing cars. They come to the church every Saturday to volunteer.   

After just a short time they realized that there were students who were hanging around the garage who wanted to help.  It didn't take very long for this group to become very intergenerational.   

The students who became involved learned a lot from these men, but the men also were impacted by the desire of the students to serve. Sticky Faith has a lot of roots in intergenerational connections. In many cases these older "Auto Angels" have become part of the "5 to 1" network of adults in the lives of students.   

We have learned to look for things that adults and students have in common and use that place to start bridging connections.  This video we created gives a peek into how this ministry is working to help build Sticky Faith in teenagers.

Published Jun 28, 2012
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