Video Illuminates Youth Culture for the Church

Jim Candy

I’m on a search right now to “make things real.” 

How do we take the unbelievable amount of fantastic research, thought and practice in youth ministry that the Church has accumulated over the previous decades and translate that into a movement that helps young people know, love and trust Jesus more?  

For anyone who has spent more than a few months in youth ministry, you know the answer lies in the power of redefining what it means to be the Church.  If you work in a church, you know your job is actually bigger than what your job description says.  Your church may have hired you to “do youth ministry” but, if you’re really listening, you’ve already discovered your real job is to change the whole church into a place where adults are growing in discipleship and are deeply invested in the lives of kids.  That will require you to challenge systems and assumptions in your church that influence much more than your weeknight gathering of middle schoolers.  

You have a bigger job description than perhaps you thought.  

If you’re a parent, maybe you’ve discovered this isn’t just about figuring out how to impact your own kids.  You are called, as part of the Church – the people of God on mission together – to see other peoples’ kids as your mission field too.  How will you do that? 

I work with a church that’s trying some creative approaches to this.  We’re learning and growing and trying to help our parents and community understand it is a challenging time to be a kid.  We’re always trying to help people hear the message more clearly.  

Here’s a brief video we’ve developed to help illuminate being young today in our culture – the history, the challenges and ideas about how we might move forward.  The full message can be heard here



Or Click here to see the video



Published Jul 16, 2012
Jim Candy

Jim Candy is a pastor working with kids and families at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, a large multi-campus church in the San Francisco Bay Area (and part of the 2011 Sticky Faith Cohort). He and his wife Karin have two boys, Josh and Micah. You can hear more thoughts on twitter @jimcandy1.

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