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One of our mantras as we work with churches in our Sticky Faith Cohorts is this: vision is a shared story of future hope.

We’ve borrowed that mantra from our friend Scott Cormode, our leadership guru here at Fuller. Churches quickly understand the power of story to shape communities as they return to their churches and utilize stories to cast vision. Often what a leader has been unable to communicate through facts, statistics, or logical reports, suddenly comes alive through the sharing of stories.

Because of that truth, we’ve converted our Sticky Faith blog into a story-sharing portal. We have been incredibly inspired over the past two years by the guest posts contributed by leaders and parents from across the country. We want to open up this invitation even more so we can cultivate and spread stories of hope. Some of those stories might be your stories: an intergenerational relationship that bloomed in your church, a family who started something new, or an experiment that sparked new growth in students.

What’s your story? We’d love to hear it and share it!

Share My Story

Published Jul 09, 2013
Fuller Youth Institute

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