A Sticky Faith Birthday Gift

Kara Powell

At the Fuller Youth Institute, we love the e.mails, tweets, and phone calls we get from folks who are benefitting from Sticky Faith.  Just yesterday, we got a memorable one.

A dad e.mailed us to let us know that for his birthday, he asked his 19 year-old daughter to read Sticky Faith.  That was her birthday gift to him.  She marked it all up and then they had a great discussion about it.

What a fantastic idea!

For those of you who are parents or leaders who work with high school juniors or seniors, or college students, here are a few other ideas for how you can talk with your kids about Sticky Faith:

  • Show this video and ask how this reflects what they have experienced in college, or what they imagine they might experience in college.
  • Invite a college student over to your house for dinner this summer so that you and your kids can ask them questions about college and get their advice.
  • Visit a local college, and as you walk around campus, ask your student what questions, fears, or thoughts they have about college.
  • Choose one chapter from Sticky Faith and ask your young person to read it, and then take them to a restaurant of their choosing to talk about it. 
  • Share one way that reading Sticky Faith has changed something in your own walk with Christ or your understanding of the church.

The good news about Sticky Faith is it’s not something we need to keep secret from our kids.  It’s a journey we can invite them into.

Published Jun 05, 2012
Kara Powell

Kara Powell, PhD, is the Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and a faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary. As a youth ministry veteran of over 20 years, she serves as an Advisor to Youth Specialties. Named by Christianity Today as one of "50 Women You Should Know", Kara is the author or co-author of a number of books including Sticky Faith, Essential Leadership, Deep Justice Journeys, Deep Justice in a Broken World, Deep Ministry in a Shallow World, and the Good Sex Youth Ministry Curriculum.

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