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Inter-Department Calendar Planning: Turning A Radical Idea Into Reality

As I think back on the strategic decisions Frontline made in the past year, one of the most important things we implemented was an “Intergenerational Department Calendar.” Of course we had all done calendars before, but they were done within our individual departments, at different times in the year.

What Stopped The Competition In Our Church

As simple as this sounds, we began to realize that each of our departments became more effective when we fought for each other, not against each other.

Faith Milestones: Teaching Kids to Risk

We took this delegation a step further and saw to it that each particular milestone, with the exception of a few, had its own organizer. While I did a lot of structural work for the milestones on the front end, by not being “in charge” of every milestone I would not be stuck with more administrative hoopla than I already have on my plate.

An Intergenerational Trip: Two Years in the Making

As forty-five of us gathered together on the chartered bus, I became a bit emotional at the reality of what we were about to experience together. The conversation for this trip had begun two years before.

How Do I Share My Mistakes With My Kids? Five Tips to Help Parents and Leaders

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of parenting blogs, family ministry books, and research on raising kids. One of the threads of thinking and research that I have seen is the recommendation that parents need to share their mistakes with their kids.

Our Surprising Collaboration

This guest post is from Lisa Evans, Student Ministries Director at the Highway Community Church in Mountain View, CA. When we signed up for the 2012 Sticky Faith Cohort, we knew it would change our youth ministry. None of us anticipated how much it would also impact our entire church staff dynamic, breaking silos and fostering more collaboration than ever.

Taking the Pastor to Camp

Despite all that was already great about camp, something different happened this summer. Our senior pastor came with us. I’m sure I looked surprised, because he emphasized that he was serious, and that he even wanted to ride on the bus.