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What a Lit Candle Can Mean to Students

A few months ago, I spent some time with some great folks from the United Methodist Conference in Tennessee, unpacking our Sticky Faith research.

Senior to Senior

One particular student has had a hard time connecting with our youth ministry.

Prayer Across Generations

In a previous church, a gifted musician reached retirement age and stepped into a new world. As she did so, she came to talk with the youth ministry team.

The Stresses of College Life

If you’re over 40, college now is different than it was for you. If you’re over 30, same thing. In fact, if you’re over 25, it’s still pretty different.


When we began to evaluate our ministry this past year in regards to some of the preliminary Sticky Faith findings, we realized that we basically did little to nothing in the way of preparing our students for the transition into college.

College Ministry for High School Pastors, Part 2

We’re seeking to help our graduates walk across the bridge from adolescence to adulthood and from a high school youth group to adult ministry opportunities in healthy ways.

Preparing for Questions

Kim was confused and started to wonder if the faith we had taught her in high school was true.

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