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What keeps students from connecting with God?

When you think about (and ask) the college students you know what hinders them from connecting with God, what do you hear?

The Camping Church

In the early years of our congregation, camps were a regular part of the life of the church. Five or six times a year, the church family would pitch tents and spend time together at a campsite near the beach.

Letter from a Mom

We recently received this email from a mom of two teenagers, and with her permission decided to open-source the response from our blog readers.

Talking to my own kids about faith

I recently heard a youth pastor say, vulnerably, “I’m great at talking to your kids about their faith; I stink at talking with my own kids about their faith.”

From Me To You

While parents have the best of intentions to talk about their kids’ experience at church and about their faith, they often don’t know how to start the conversation and don’t get much of a response when they try.

Growth Plans

For years, we had been looking at "success" in student ministries based upon the amount of students attending a weekly program night.

A Rite to Community

Our typical promotion from 8th grade to high school has been filled with hype, loud music, and silly games.

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