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Sticky Faith Stories

Gift Bibles with a Twist

They bought a Bible for him, but they didn’t give it to him...

Shocking Teens Before They Shock You

I vividly remember from high school the shock teachers would express when they would encounter the private lives of teens.

Sticky Parent Faith Stories

Hear how one church began inviting parents to share their testimonies of faith at youth group.

97-Year-Olds are Not Exempt

I love a good story, and often when I speak about Sticky Faith, folks come up to me afterwards with story about the power of intergenerational relationships.

Observe the Cooler

Before our high school seniors arrived to a recent college transition prep session, our college pastor carefully placed a dollar bill inside a plastic cooler and closed the lid.

Let’s Dance

When I first met Ethan, he was a fringe kid who hated church, and for good reason.

Could God Love You Less?

Then I asked the inverse question, "If we disobeyed one of these commandments and murdered someone, would God love us any less?"