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The Power of Blessing

We continue to wrestle with the process of being a community that contributes to lasting faith in our kids and students.

Our Sticky Dinner Table

It’s 5:35 PM. My family and I sit at dinner, face to face. It’s in these seconds that my kids do and say intriguing things.

A Tale of Two Tables

What are your family gatherings like? How do they reflect the church?


The exciting part about the series was not the content.

All Churches Are Multigenerational. Few Are Intergenerational.

About a year ago, a friend of mine asked why I choose the word "intergenerational" over "multigenerational" when I reference generations coming together in churches. That's a great question!

To Drink or Not to Drink

At FYI we often say that while drinking and sex aren’t the best litmus tests for faith, our behaviors sure do impact our faith, and we believe our faith should impact our behaviors.

New Video for Parents and Leaders

What evidence do you see of a truly grace-based gospel in your church community? Your family?

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