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Church Field Trips

After spending most of a weekend retreat for grads focused on personal spiritual growth habits, we closed out with what we told the group was the most important component—community.

Senior Retreat

When we first began to construct a summer calendar just for our high school grads, we had a pressing issue to address.

How do you prepare seniors for college?

In light of our newly-released Sticky Faith curriculum products for students and parents, we’re excited to share a guest blog series on how various youth pastors have approached preparing seniors for the transition out of high school.

To Stay or to Leave

To our delight, Relevant magazine did an interview with me and posted an online story about our Sticky Faith research a few days ago. It’s generated quite a bit of comment.

A Year From Now

I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions, but I do think January offers us an opportunity in the rhythm of the year to reflect on what the past year has been and what we hope the coming year will be.

Do You Dare Shut Down Your Programs?

Wishing you a break from the madness during this season!

The Power of Blessing

We continue to wrestle with the process of being a community that contributes to lasting faith in our kids and students.