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Best Price on Sticky Faith E-Books Ever

Get both the parent and youth leader versions of Sticky Faith for $2.99! Ends May 6, so act now—and encourage others to do the same—to take advantage of this low price on e-books.

How we’re revitalizing Confirmation

After becoming a parent myself, I’ve realized that I want to be the biggest influence in my kids’ lives. Not only that, but God calls me to point them toward Jesus every day through everything that I say and do.

A Sticky Faith Web

The congregation I serve has developed a concept we call The Faith Web. A Faith Web is a constellation of people who willingly and lovingly surround you with faith. It expands, or at least builds upon, the 5:1 ratio that the FYI team writes about in Sticky Faith.

Intergenerational Pen Pals

Last Spring I became the new youth pastor at a church that boasts having a family feel, but struggles to connect the older and younger generations.

How Prepared Are Your Students for College?

According to our Sticky Faith research, 6 of 7 youth group graduates don’t feel their faith is ready for what they will face after high school.

Experiments in Engaging Parents and Students…Together

I’ve served on our church staff for four years. From the start, I've wanted to minister to parents of teens—teaching and encouraging them, walking alongside them and cheering while they take on the responsibility of being their kids’ spiritual mentors.

Sticky Faith Every Day Week 3: Learning to Receive Grace

How have you been using the Sticky Faith Every Day curriculum resources?

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