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Meet the Parents Sunday

Last winter, one of our volunteers suggested a new kind of parent meeting she had experienced at her home church. The idea sounded like a winner. Two weekends ago we finally took the chance to try it out. The result? Our most fruitful, best-attended high school parent meeting in my past ten years of ministry.

Pedestal Parenting and Faith

Recently I did something new that helped me better understand common family rhythms in my context. Each year at school parents are asked to attend Parent/Teacher Conferences. Hearing from some other friends who had tried this model in ministry, I decided to host Pastor/Parent Conferences with families in our ministry.

Have You Sent a College Student a Care Package Lately?

This past weekend, my seven year-old and I made a double batch of brownies. Brownies are somewhat of a family specialty for us (it’s all about the butter and the extra chocolate chips). None of these brownies went to the five Powells.

Preparing Seniors for Faith After High School

After our daughter moved away to attend college, we realized that we had not prepared her very well for the reality of what she might encounter. My husband and I had been open with our children and had shared what we experienced in our college years. Yet even as a high school guidance and college counselor, I was surprised at how much I underestimated the influence and exposure college students face.

Transition Prayers

This Sunday my church celebrated transitions associated with the back-to-school season. Given the number of kids, educators, and college/graduate students in our congregation, we named quite a few transitions. In the spirit of sharing Sticky Faith Stories and resources, I’ve slightly adapted our liturgy from Sunday. We’d love to hear your stories, ideas, and prayers for transitioning into the new school year!

Share Your Sticky Faith Stories

One of our mantras as we work with churches in our Sticky Faith Cohorts is this: vision is a shared story of future hope. Because of that truth, we’ve converted our Sticky Faith blog into a story-sharing portal. What’s your story? We’d love to hear it and share it!

What was your favorite bedtime story when you were a kid?

What was your favorite bedtime story when you were a kid? My favorite was a classic story from my grandfather.