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Quick FAQs about the New Sticky Faith Parent DVD Curriculum

We’re fielding more and more questions here at FYI about the Sticky Faith Parent DVD Curriculum that was just released. Why did we do it? What is it? How can parents, leaders, and churches use it?

The Seniors’ Year

While we love each and every student in our youth group, senior year for our 12th grade students in our youth group is always the seniors’ year.

Becoming Part of Something Bigger than Myself

A 15-year-old shares her reflections on running 13.1 miles with an intergenerational church team.

Finals Care Packages

As any of us who work with high schoolers know, the end of the semester means finals season.


My wife loves snapshots.

Vision Plans

Often in ministry, we have great intentions and thoughts to share with our students. Just as often those thoughts come and go unspoken.

Reconnecting and Walking with Seniors During the Stressful Season

We felt like we needed to take some new steps to connect and walk with our senior class through their senior year.