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Changing Statistics One Life at a Time

We are consumed with the reality that students have nowhere to go post-graduation.

Why Aren’t We Really Seeing Change Happen in Our Church?

I have more questions than ever before about how Sticky Faith will take root in our congregations.

Live Sticky Faith Webcast Today!

Join us live TODAY for 30 minutes of research-based ideas for equipping your high school seniors.

Parents, Don’t Believe Your Kids If They Say This

The reality was that Joel wasn’t “fine”.

The NFL Challenge Flag in Our Families

If you know me well, you know that I love watching football, especially with my son.

How close is your small group?

The six families involved decided that they wouldn’t just be a “Bible study” but that they would commit to really pouring into each other, and into each others’ kids.

Live Webcast: Preparing Seniors for Graduation

Next Tuesday, February 7th we're excited to offer you a free Sticky Faith Webcast!