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Cohort Story: How does the Cohort inspire teams to make big changes with families and the church?

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Ministry Planning

Our church decided to assess our work by filling out a scorecard on each of our ministry areas. It was brutal. We were honest with each other about each other’s ministry areas … and to be honest, it kind of sucked.

Sticky Buddies: Building Intergenerational Relationships in the Church

Someone asked the mother where her daughter was and why she hadn’t come to the service. “She didn’t want to come because she doesn’t feel like this is her home anymore.”

When Church Construction Meets Sticky Faith: Building Our New Children’s Ministry Addition

What would happen if Sticky Faith made its way into church architecture? As Frontline has become more intentionally intergenerational over the past few years, we started to realize that the layout of our building didn’t reflect our theology.

Two Confirmation Ideas that Changed our Ministry

Two shifts we made this year turned out to be game-changers.

Seven Simple Steps to Start Mentoring a Teenager

Ever wonder how to take the first step in mentoring relationships? Ministry veteran and Sticky Faith Cohort leader Jason Chenoweth shares insights from his experience. Jason serves at Shelbyville Community Church in Indiana.

Helping Teenagers Write Their Own Stories

“Kids usually live up to the expectations of those around them, don’t they?” —Dr. Tim Elmore, Growing Leaders