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Strings Attached: Video Discussion Guide
Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum

Notice Video Discussion Guide
Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum

The Jacket
2.5-Minute Video for Students

Prom-posals: Parent Survival Tips for Navigating Prom Invitations

Cohort Story: How does the Cohort inspire teams to make big changes with families and the church?

Sticky Buddies: Building Intergenerational Relationships in the Church

When Church Construction Meets Sticky Faith: Building Our New Children’s Ministry Addition

Two Confirmation Ideas that Changed our Ministry

Seven Simple Steps to Start Mentoring a Teenager

Helping Teenagers Write Their Own Stories

Inter-Department Calendar Planning: Turning A Radical Idea Into Reality

What Stopped The Competition In Our Church

Faith Milestones: Teaching Kids to Risk

How Do I Share My Mistakes With My Kids? Five Tips to Help Parents and Leaders

Our Surprising Collaboration

Taking the Pastor to Camp

Pedestal Parenting and Faith

Share Your Sticky Faith Stories

What was your favorite bedtime story when you were a kid?

Don’t Send Them Off to College Without Leads

How we’re revitalizing Confirmation

A Sticky Faith Web

Intergenerational Pen Pals

Experiments in Engaging Parents and Students…Together

Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum

Why am I getting pushback now about intergenerational ministry?

How can we help families think differently about Christmas?

Sharing Advent Hope Around One Table

How Speed-Dating Changed Our Church

Why Children’s Ministry Matters

Serving outside the spotlight

Sticky Prayers and Jesus’ Last Words

Will parents and teenagers really talk honestly about transition?

Work With What You’ve Got

Have More Fun, Take Away Age Parameters

Reflecting on Taking Summer Programming Out of the Box

I Don’t Believe In The Next Generation

Why I Took My Children to Nicaragua

Andy Leaves Woody, and it Makes Me Cry Every Time

Beyond the Intergenerational Mission Trip

Back to School: Students as Pastors

Back to School: College Transition Packages

Back to School: Webcast Today on Better Engaging Students’ Parents

Back to School: Webcast Today on Youth Ministry Programming Shifts

Back to School: Webcast Today on Intergenerational Ministry

Back to School: Rethinking Sundays

Parents and Teenagers On Mission Together

What Does Car Repair Have to Do With Sticky Faith?

The Rocking-Horse Winner

Taking Summer Programming Out of the Box

Sticky Milestone Moments

From Fragmentation to Unity

Dear Youth Minister, Would You Please…

Prayer Partners Across Generations

A Different Approach to Youth Leadership

Unexpected Sticky Faith Volunteers

I Want to…but HOW?

Prayer Journals: A Mom’s Hope

Holy Ground Moments

Getting Parents and Kids Talking

Confirmation Ideas from a Sticky Faith Church

A “Senior” For Seniors…5 or 1

Changing Statistics One Life at a Time

Live Sticky Faith Webcast Today!

Live Webcast: Preparing Seniors for Graduation

The Seniors’ Year

Finals Care Packages


Vision Plans

Reconnecting and Walking with Seniors During the Stressful Season

The Power of Blessing

A Tale of Two Tables


All Churches Are Multigenerational. Few Are Intergenerational.

Using a Simple Red Ball to Connect Generations

Sticky Parent Faith Stories

Let’s Dance

Church as a Living Bridge

The Camping Church

From Me To You

Sticky Faith Scavenger Hunt Day 4

In Case You Missed the Webcast

Sticky Faith Scavenger Hunt Day 3

Sticky Faith Scavenger Hunt Day 2

Sticky Faith Scavenger Hunt Day 1