Strings Attached: Video Discussion Guide

Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum

Watch the short video “Strings Attached” with your students, either as an opener or closer to the Week 3 “Receive” session of the Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum, or on its own as a discussion starter to help students consider what it means to receive grace with “no strings attached.” You might also use this as a small group resource.

We’ve put together the following discussion questions to accompany this video. Use some or all of them to debrief the video with your students, either in large or small groups.

  • What’s going on here? What do the strings represent?

  • In what ways were the other people in his life placing “strings” on the guy in the video?

  • What was different about the last caller? Why do you think it was still so hard for the one receiving the package to accept it as a real gift?

  • The opening slide says that often it feels like we have to earn every gift, as if they all come with strings attached. What connections do you notice between what this guy is going through and the ways we tend to give and receive gifts? How do you identify with him?

  • Think of a time when you’ve received a gift that seemed to have strings attached. What was that like? How did it make you feel?

  • Just like we give and receive gifts with one another, we do so in our relationship with God as well. What kinds of gifts do you give to or receive from God?

  • One of God’s greatest gifts is grace. God invites us to receive the gift of grace with no strings attached. Why do you think it’s so hard for us to accept that offer?

  • What obstacles tend to prevent us from receiving grace?

  • What do you think happens over time if we keep living as if we have to earn every gift from God?

  • What could it look like to live differently, with God and with one another? What if we freely gave and received gifts?

Note: The Sticky Faith Every Day Week 3 Leader Guide includes a Bible study on John 1:1-16 that might be helpful as a next step following these questions.

Be sure to check out the Sticky Faith Every Day page for the free curriculum download and more resources to help you develop deeper faith practices in your students’ lives!

Published Feb 04, 2013
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