Top 10 Posts of 2014

Photo by Mathijs Delva.

As the year kicks off and we look ahead to an innovative 2015, we took a few minutes here in the FYI office to look back at our top traffic for 2014. Here’s what you liked best this year, or what you might have missed that others thought was worth reading!

10. How Young is Too Young for Digital Technology and Social Media? – One in a multi-part series on helping young people navigate technology.

9. New Research about Teens, Social Media, and What They Need from Us – Perhaps it’s not as complicated as it seems.

8. Reimagining the Gospel in Relationship – What does the gospel mean for teenagers and friendship?

7. FYI Playlist: 20 Free Resources for Transition Season – Our best articles, videos, and downloads for saying goodbye, hello, and walking through transitions with students.

6. 4 Steps to Help a Stressed Teenager – Because they need it more than ever.

5. How I Blew It With My Kids’ Bible Verse – How do you help students define themselves as God sees them?

4. Four Words That Can Transform Your Conversations with Teenagers – They may not be the words you’re thinking of.

3. The One Truth I Want All Kids (and People) to Know About Lent – Grace, grace, grace (yep, that’s a spoiler).

2. What Should I Do When My Kid Says, “I’m Not Going to Church”? – A little help for responding to one of the toughest parenting questions for people of faith.

1. The Only Six Words Parents Need to Say to their Kids about Sports—Or Any Performance – This post stirred up more conversation about youth sports than we imagined, with nearly 2.5 million views, over a million shares, and nearly 200 comments. Who knew?

… With an honorable mention shout-out to our Can I Ask That? page, which garnered the most traffic this year on our Sticky Faith site. Check out the video trailer and free sample of this best-selling 8-week curriculum for high school students.


Happy New Year from the FYI Team!


Published Dec 26, 2014
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