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Last Christmas, FYI regularly posted on Twitter and Facebook suggestions for youth workers to care for college students and connect with them when they returned home over break. As a youth minister, I (Matt) found these suggestions helpful. The suggestions were practical and fit well with the opportunities for connections that Christmas brings. Unfortunately, I had already planned on being with my extended family over Christmas and our ministry calendar was rather full, so the suggestions mostly went unheeded.

This made me wonder if there was a way to communicate Sticky Faith suggestions to the audiences that need them most in a manner that best fits their lifestyles. I know very few youth workers or parents who don’t use the term “busy” to describe their lives. What busy also means is that we often leave well-intentioned opportunities behind in an effort to deal with the urgent. Sticky Faith is best developed through being intentional with both how we spend our time and what we do. 

Leaders and parents need suggestions that prompt us to take actions that can encourage stickier faith in the lives of our churches and students. And we don’t always have time to go find ideas. So we created Sticky Faith Prompts.    

Sticky Faith Prompts currently includes three different online calendars with built-in prompts for three distinct audiences. These prompts are Sticky Faith suggestions intended to help the church and family keep holistic connectedness at the forefront of our minds. The Sticky Faith Prompts can easily be added to your iPhone, Outlook, iCal or Google calendar, which means the Prompts are available anywhere you can get to your digital calendar.

Sticky Faith Youth Worker Prompts

The Youth Worker Prompts are intended for leaders who are a part of the church’s youth ministry, specifically working with high school students. Other church leaders may find it a valuable resource for them as well, though. Youth Worker Prompts include both big picture suggestions and specific things that the youth worker can do to help develop Sticky Faith in the students they work with. While some prompts will help prepare students for college, others will focus on students who have left for college. Many prompts focus on students who are currently participating in the youth ministry and how best to connect them to the church, acknowledging that once they leave it’s exponentially more difficult to make those connections. These prompts will provide the youth worker with valuable Sticky Faith ideas throughout the year.

Sticky Faith High School Parent Prompts

The High School Parent Prompts are intended for parents whose kids are currently in high school. It could also be a valuable resource for adults who are investing in the lives of high school students. This calendar focuses specifically on activities that the family can do together. It gives parents some practical ideas of how to lead their children towards Sticky Faith, as well as how to intentionally work towards connecting their children to others in the church and the movement of God in the world. These prompts are also designed to lead towards and prepare families for the transition to college.

Sticky Faith Post-High School Parent Prompts

The Post-High School Parent Prompts are intended for parents who have college students, whether the college student lives at home or is studying abroad. It could also be a valuable resource for adults who have or are investing in the lives of college students. This calendar focuses on preventing college students from getting disconnected through various activities, conversations and check-ins. It also gives parents specific interaction and connection suggestions that can enrich their relationship with their college student. 

Let the Prompts Work for You

We are excited to offer these resources to you, another step towards intentionally moving towards Sticky Faith in your family and church. Follow the links below for the Prompts that best match your role in the life of students and put this tool to work.

We pray that the Prompts are a source of encouragement, not just another thing that you guilt yourself for not getting done.  Ultimately, the goal of the prompts is to encourage actions that promote Sticky Faith in all of us, especially the teenagers and young adults we care about.  

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Published Aug 06, 2012
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