Notice Video Discussion Guide

Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum

Watch the short video “Notice” with your students, either as a preview or an introduction to the free Sticky Faith Every Day curriculum series. You might want to use it as an alternative opener to the Week 1 session, or as a video you use each week throughout the series to open your gathering.



We’ve put together the following discussion questions to go along with this video. Use some or all of them to debrief the video with your students, either in large or small groups.

  • Do you really think you see hundreds or thousands of signs every day? How does that make you feel?
  • What signs stood out to you most from the video? Why do you think you noticed them more?
  • What kinds of signs do you tend to notice most every day? What signs do you almost always ignore?
  • Did you notice there were several “No” signs but no “Yes” signs? Do you think signs in our culture tend to be more negative? Why do you think that is so?
  • Besides signs, what are other things we probably don’t notice around us every day?
  • How did you feel about the pace of this video? Does that pace remind you of your life in some ways? How could our pace affect our ability to notice things?
  • The video suggests there might be another voice or other signs we struggle to pay attention to, signs of God’s activity around us. What do you think some of those signs might be?
  • What kinds of messages do you think God wants us to hear throughout our day?
  • Some people say “paying attention” is the core of the spiritual life. Why do you think they say that?
  • What do you think keeps us from noticing God more?
  • What might help you notice God more from day to day? Are there any practices or habits that have made a difference in your life?

Note: The Sticky Faith Every Day Week 1 Leader Guide includes a Bible study and prayer exercise that might be helpful as a next step following these questions.

Be sure to check out the Sticky Faith Every Day page for the free curriculum download and more resources to help you develop deeper faith practices in your students’ lives! 

Published Jan 07, 2013
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