Leading Through Conflict

How Tensions Can Change Your Ministry…and Change You, Too

"Kara, we want to meet with you because we don't think you're teaching the Bible enough to our kids." This was John and Patty's greeting one Sunday morning as I was getting ready to speak to our students. Not only were John and Patty parents of two high school girls, but also influential leaders in our congregation.

"Jeff, there are no high school students in the worship service. What are you going to do about it?" asked a colleague as I was walking to my car after a church service one weekend. He was actually more than a colleague; he was a close friend who had been in my home, was at the birth of my son and whose wife is a close friend of my wife.

During the combined 41 years the two of us have worked in youth ministry, it's hard to think of a month that hasn't involved conflict—occasionally with teenagers but most often with their parents, our ministry volunteers and our church staff colleagues. READ MORE AT YOUTHWORKER.COM




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Published Oct 01, 2012
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