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Articles for Youth Leaders

Sticky Faith Deployed: Helping Students Prepare Faith for Military Service

Each year, parents and youth workers alike send off high school graduates to serve in the military. Naval Chaplain Mark Maines helps us understand some of the unique issues facing military personnel and their families and how we can both prepare and support them.

What Makes Faith Stick During College?: Research Release

Findings from Sticky Faith research provide surprising insights into instilling lasting faith in young people.

Moving Away from the Kid Table: A Bigger Vision of Church

What's so bad about the kid table? Kara explores a theology of church and youth ministry that might challenge your assumptions.

Intergenerational Ministry Beyond the Rhetoric: Research Brief

Intergenerational is becoming a new catch word in youth ministry talk, but many wonder what it actually looks like in practice. This research brief summarizes insights from a leadership panel on both theory and practice of intergenerational ministry.

You Make the Call: What College Freshmen Need to Hear from their Youth Pastors

You've been wondering whether to pick up the phone and check in with last year's grads now that they're a few months into college, but you aren't sure you can make the time. Recent research through FYI's College Transition Project might help you realize how important that call really is.

Riding the Highs and Lows of Teenage Faith Development: The Importance of Moratorium

This article explores the importance of the process of "Moratorium" in faith exploration and offers practical ideas for youth workers to ride with students toward their long-term commitment to Christ.

Meaning-Making: Helping Students Make Sense of their Experiences

Find out why the stories kids tell themselves matter deeply to your ministry and your family.