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Articles for Youth Leaders

Soul-Care Sweat: Finding God in Movement

What if we recognized both stillness AND movement as sacred?

Milestones of Faith: Creating rhythms through rites of passage

What would it look like for my church to celebrate faith-development rites of passage for children and teenagers?

Fixed Hour Prayer: Setting our day to the rhythm of prayer

Two years ago “fixed hour prayer” sounded like a terribly legalistic spiritual practice to me. I didn’t know what the words meant, and wasn’t sure I wanted to know.

Strings Attached: Video Discussion Guide: Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum

Watch the short video “Strings Attached” with your students, either as an opener or closer to the Week 3 “Receive” session of the Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum, or on its own as a discussion starter to help students consider what it means to receive grace with “no strings attached.”

Sacred Pathways Toward Sticky Faith: Helping Teenagers Meet God Every Day

Beginning in junior high, I learned that there was a “right way” to engage in personal spiritual disciplines.

Notice Video Discussion Guide: Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum

Use this 1-minute video as a discussion starter with students alongside the Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum series.

Time and Place: Essential elements for faith sticking

Time and place go together. The first article in the Sticky Faith Every Day series challenges us to consider more intentionally how we use them well in our youth ministries.