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Q&A with Donald Miller & Steve Taylor: The FYI Blue Like Jazz Interview

The Blue Like Jazz movie releases around the country this weekend. Watch an exclusive FYI interview with the creators about Sticky Faith themes within the film.

Dare to Disciplines: Spiritual Practices to Lead Teenagers Toward Deeper Faith

What are spiritual disciplines, and how can they be used in youth ministry?

Anxiety in the In-Between Stages of Our Lives: Healthy Strategies for Coping with Transitions

We prepare for lots of changes in our lives and the lives of our kids, but we don't always prepare for the transitions that those changes bring about. Family therapist Rhett Smith offers strategies for parents and youth workers to help us manage anxiety in the midst of transitions.

Show Me (And Talk to Me About) The Money: Healthy Family Conversations About Giving

Regardless of your family’s financial situation, every parent has the opportunity to talk with your kids about your giving philosophy and practices.

From Faith to Faithing: Could Faith be a Verb?

By seeing faith only as a noun, have we misunderstood it, and the faith development process?

How Can My Struggles Help My Faith Stick?: Free Student Curriculum Sample

Problems, crises, and doubts don’t have to deal a death blow to our faith; in fact, they can help us move forward on our faith journeys.

How Do I See Myself After Graduation?: Free Student Curriculum Sample

In this sample session from the Sticky Faith Teen Curriculum, you can engage students around questions of identity formation.