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Can You Doubt Too Much? An Interview with John Ortberg

Can I Ask That? Co-author Jim Candy caught up with his mentor John Ortberg, a popular author, speaker, and senior pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, to ask him about the role of questioning in faith.

In the Aftermath of Teen Suicide, Part 2
Working Toward Prevention

The Best Family Summer Ever
Ideas to Help Families Connect Before Summer Slips Away

Summer can be an incredible time for families to connect, but opportunities can fly by without intentional planning. Here are a few steps to help you get started.

Soul-Care Sweat
Finding God in Movement

What if we recognized both stillness AND movement as sacred?

Sticky Faith addresses one of the greatest challenges facing not just the church, but American culture—bridging the gap between generations and passing on our deepest beliefs and values. This book is full of practical insight and encouragement, along with a deeper current of wisdom about not just parenting, but discipleship as well. Andy Crouch, author and editor-at-large, Christianity Today

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